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EYE OPENERS joined together with the Center for Kinesthetic Education to provide the best in brain-based and social/emotional evidence-based instruction.  Using Dr. Eddy’s expertise in neuroscience, motor development, and the learning style of people with disabilities, the following offerings provide schools, families and agencies with learning activities that can last from 2 to 60 minutes depending on the needs of the program and participants.

Each of the topics below may be shaped into direct services with students or professional development workshops for educators and other school staff or for parents. Length of workshops can be customized and combined for programs of 1-6 hours.  

For workshop information or booking call 212 864-5188 or email:

Dr. Eddy has designed dozens of curricula for people with diverse needs to support learning and health in schools and corporate settings:


EYE OPENERS are MIND OPENERS: group visual exercises for children or adults – single activity 2-5 minutes may be grouped into a 45 minute lesson plan as desired.


Eye Relaxation™ – a guided meditation that can be done seated or standing, this 5 – 30 minute experience includes a journey through the visual system, relaxing each aspect of the eye including the muscles, the nerves, the lens and more.


EyeYoga™: in 1980 Dr. Eddy began integrating the eye exercises from Hatha Yoga with other profound eye and body exercises of somatic movement education and movement therapy. This program is best done with a yoga mat and can last from 10 – 60 minutes. (Reviewed in Time Out New York).


Eyerobics™ classes: this upbeat series of exercises is done to music. It begins with breathing and then moves into quick shifts of focus (saccadic eye movement) alternating with isolated stretches for all body parts as well as each of the extra-ocular eye muscles. (This was first piloted at the Riverside Church Wellness Center post 9/11 to help move out stress-relaxed toxicity.)

BrainBody Assessment: individualized or small group pull-outs to assess perceptual-motor and neuro-motor capacity.  It can also include providing individualized classroom strategies for improved performance. (The exercises can be integrated into an IEP and/or shared with parents for at-home programming together with EyeOpenersDVD and videos.)


BrainBody Focusing™: seated and standing exercises to enhance focus close and at a distance, and the ability to shift focus from near to far or far to near (e.g. from deskwork to blackboard or computer to powerpoint).


BodyPower™:  fitness and well-being for teens includes Moving for Life workout, nutritional lessons, with journal writing for self-esteem (first piloted in Harlem 2011).


CKE Dances!™:  integrative arts programming for classrooms and dance studios (part of NYC Department of Education’s vendor options and available nationwide)


Relax to Focus™: 3 – 10 minute whole body exercise regimen for helping to sustain focus during storytime, lessons and classroom meetings. (Children have suggested it be used as they return from lunch or recess.)


3D Seated Workout™ – a 10 minute body awareness routine for anyone who spends a large part of their day sitting in chairs. Effective with students, administrators, office workers and everyone who uses a computer. (Used frequently with NYC public school teachers post 9/11)


Dr. Eddy has designed and taught courses on the following topics:

Anatomy & physiology


Dance and dance pedagogy

Embodiment (for conscious living, for peace, for wellness)

Exercise physiology

Fitness and weight loss


Movement analysis

Movement science

Neuro-muscular re-patterning

Perceptual-motor development

Physical education pedagogy

Politics of peace

Qualitative movement analysis and/or research design

Violence prevention

Vision enhancement

Visual development (how a baby learns to see)

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