Eye Openers is more than a series of engaging visual activities for

increasing children's attention. In each lesson Dr. Eddy models methods for

cultivating social and emotional learning. Use of Eye Openers fosters a

positive classroom climate for children with diverse learning and perceptual

abilities, reducing the stress that is often felt by this student population

and the teachers who teach them. I have been delighted to have this resource

to recommend to school administrators and teachers.

Linda Lantieri, Director - The Inner Resilience Program, Senior Program Advisor, CASEL

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

What needs to be known about the Eye Openers video is that many of WHAT EDUCATORS ARE SAYING ABOUT “EYE OPENERS ARE MIND OPENERS”

the children who were selected to be filmed had serious issues with attention and behavior. The fact that you are able to engage them for a sustained period of time is itself a testament to the value of the exercises. I believe this may be due, in part, to the experiential nature of your work. Eye-Openers provide a refreshing break for students in an early childhood school focused largely on cognitive development and academic achievement. Your work is a great example of the activity we need to include in our curricular day in order to achieve the academic growth schools value so highly. It seems our attention as educators is focused so much on the content, process, and outcome of our teaching... that we don’t take the time to support the healthy development of the children’s perceptual and attentional skills. The Eye-Opener exercises effectively address this need and are easily integrated into the school day.

Tom Roepke, Special Educator, Reading Room Specialist

We know that a key factor in learning is student engagement. Enhancing attention is one of the primary goals in any aspect of teaching and learning. Eye Openers video presents a series of educational activities that help students focus their attention on the task at hand. It has helped our students learn to relax and transition into a new activity without behavior interruptions. Students who occasionally were distracted have learned through these exercises to calm their bodies and mind and focus on the teacher or activity.

Carmen Colon

Assistant Principal PS 112 Manhattan

From: Susan Gingrasso – Director of Resources Review - NDEO

I write in my capacity as Director of Resources Review for the National Dance Education Organization. I am happy to inform you that NDEO will be listing Eye Openers are Mind Openers (2012) in its online catalog. Congratulations!

I want to provide you with my synthesis of highlights from reviewer comments.

  • Eye Openers are Mind Openers reveals an innovative whole body movement approach to classroom management.

  • While Eye Openers does not specifically support NDEO’s mission to advance dance education centered in the arts, it does provide new and tested movement-based classroom management practices grounded in neuroscience. These practices will contribute to teacher, parent and administrator recognition and understanding that movement is essential in creating an optimal learning environment.

  • These movement strategies to help young children develop the ability to focus and attend are critical to successful learning.

  • Classroom teachers and arts specialists can easily adapt these movement exercises in a variety of settings. These movement strategies also provide ways for classroom teachers to use movement to connect with their students.

  • When students know and practice these exercises they can begin to manage and further develop their own perceptual awareness.

  • While there are many approaches to developing the skills needed to develop visual perception, none use whole body movement, as do Dr. Eddy’s strategies demonstrated in Eye Openers are Mind Openers.

  • The focusing and the calming techniques really help. I liked the palming. I think it's a great strategy to help kids focus and regroup. The games were simple, fun and doable, even in tight quarters. My favorite was "The Addams Family."

Mary Amoon-Hickey, Parent

I am so glad to watch your Eye Openers DVD. What a beautiful piece of work. I love your ideas and so did the children you worked with in the school. I think that this is something that can truly be used by teachers and can be an effective tool for classroom management. I am going to use the "blinders" technique with one of my clients who has very poor eye contact because he just cannot block out any visual stimulation. I would be more than happy to recommend it.

Jayme Rich, Occupational Therapist

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