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Children are life's most valuable resource. Welcome to a look at tomorrow's classroom TODAY...where the very problems of CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT...BECOME THE SOLUTION.

  • builds focus and attention skills in children – preparing them to learn.

  • tackles one of the most challenging problems in education today – CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT –

  • takes a child’s natural urge to move and play and transforms that energy into creative interactions


The repeated attempts to quiet and settle students can take up to 50% of a teacher’s valuable time in the classroom.  EYE OPENERS can turn your classroom into a special place where learning can happen. Movement now has a purpose - to help focus attention.

The EYE OPENERS program is based on the latest neurological research that shows that the way our eyes work is the way our minds work to create meaning and understanding and to focus attention.  AS OUR EYES MOVE THE BODY FOLLOWS FOCUSING ATTENTION.  Our eyes deliver 90% of human awareness.

EYE OPENERS is a kind of “Visual Education” that includes our eyes, the body and the mind. By relaxing, exercising and using our eye-body coordination in physiologically sound ways children are better able to

    • focus on tasks

    • track a topic

    • switch gears effectively from blackboard to near focus work

    • be aware of others in the classroom – while filtering out distractions.


As part of the EYE OPENERS program we have developed a series of simple fun vision based eye exercises that build focus and attention.  In our video you follow Dr. Martha Eddy as she puts a variety of movement and body coordination strategies into action.  

EYE OPENERS works equally well with students with a wide range of attention learning challenges.  The words of Tom Roepke, the Special Educator and Reading Room Specialist who regularly worked with the children  who appear in our  video, perhaps tells the EYE OPENERS story best: “What needs to be known about the EYE OPENERS video is that many of the students who were selected to be filmed had serious issues with attention and behavior. The fact that you were able to engage them for a sustained period of time is itself a testament to the value of the exercises.”

As part of our program we have a selection of workshops designed by Dr. Martha Eddy that support the teachers in integrating exercises into the classroom for an all- around healthier and productive learning environment.

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